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We're Your Additive 3D Manufacturing Production Partner

We're a high-volume contract manufacturer with innovative additive 3D printing technology. We can produce your polymer or metal components or end-use products from your design. Endeavor 3D can help you realize the following capabilities of additive manufacturing:

Embrace Generative Design

Take advantage of AI automation to build fully optimized parts

Consolidate an Assembly

Reduce material and labor costs, production time and inventory

Improve Part Performance

Make your parts stronger, more flexible, and better performing

3D printed part

Build Complex Geometries

Create parts that are too complex or costly for legacy manufacturing processes

Optimize Legacy Parts

Recreate for AM and utilize streamlined digital parts inventory

Utilize Mass Customization

Create customized parts based on end-user criteria or preferences

Design for the Future with Additive 3D Printing

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) is the process of designing for manufacturability using 3D printers. Adopting a clean sheet approach to legacy parts can result in weight and part count reduction, and an increase in part quality.

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