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By eliminating the challenges posed by traditional manufacturing processes, Additive Digital Manufacturing (ADM) delivers a more streamlined, efficient and complete solution. ADM sends modern design soaring, giving designers and engineers the freedom to bring their most inspired ideas to life without the constraints of molding or machining.

Benefits of Additive Digital Manufacturing

Additive materials allow for parts that compare favorably to, and even surpass the properties of those made by more traditional methods while generating less material waste.

Rapid prototyping costs much less, as traditional subtractive processes have high material costs. It’s also easy to recreate and optimize legacy parts.

Additive Digital Manufacturing allows you to consolidate an assembly into a single part, which also saves on material and energy costs.

And with new AI-driven “generative design” methods, ADM uniquely supports lattice structures which are intricate and tough and use less material.

Powered by Carbon DLS

Carbon DLS™ is a resin-based 3D printing process that utilizes digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and engineering-grade materials. This unique combination produces polymeric parts with exceptional mechanical properties, high resolution, and an attractive surface finish. The Carbon DLS process allows engineers and designers to iterate faster and deliver radically reimagined products. We can help you learn more about how to optimize your part for the Carbon DLS process. See "Designing for Carbon DLS".

Surface Finish

Use attractive glossy, matte, or textured finishes on printed parts.

Fine Features

Design small, precise features on your parts.

Elite Material Performance

Best-in-class performance through a combination of useful material properties.

Additive Manufacturing Materials

Explore Our Materials »
Explore Our Materials »

As a certified Carbon Production Partner, we house the largest installed fleet of Carbon L1 printers in North America. These printers are widely considered the best-in-class production equipment in the polymer 3D industry. Carbon printers are fast and accurate, and utilize materials that are state of the art, with integrated software that ties it all together to deliver more intricate, larger and better parts.

M2 Printer

Accelerate Your Product Development

Go from prototype to production on the same machine. Our Carbon® M2 printers deliver speed and accuracy on a medium build platform. This high-resolution printer is well suited for a wide range of applications such as smaller parts with intricate features like threading or internal channels.

Produce at the Right Volumes

The M2 allows for cost-effective production with no minimum volumes.

Speed Up Production

TheM2 has a built-in print planner that optimizes every build, assigning variable print speeds to match the part’s needs.

L1 Printer

Consistent High-Volume Production and Larger Parts

Need to consistently produce large parts or large quantities of smaller parts? Offering over 1,000 cm² of build area, the Carbon® L1 printer is engineered to produce large parts in single prints, or many small parts for high-throughput production. The L1printer is a proven tool for product designers, engineers, and manufacturers who require fast and flexible serial production.

Accelerate Your Time-to-Market

With the L1 printer we can quickly produce functional prototypes, then move to high-volume production on the same system.

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